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I offer in-depth, relational psychotherapy to adults aged 18+. You might come to work with me if you often find yourself feeling uncertain or confused about how you feel and would like to have a more solid sense of who you are. Maybe you are experiencing difficulties in your relationships or keep repeating similar patterns and want to understand why you do this. You might have suffered with anxiety and inner conflict for a long time and want to be able to regulate your emotions and improve self-esteem. 

We will work together to understand the different aspects of your life and self and integrate them into a secure and coherent narrative; helping you feel whole, confident and assured. This understanding of how you have come to be who and where you are will improve and enrich your relationship with yourself, others and the world around you. 

I work on an open-ended, usually long-term basis. I prioritise the development of a secure therapeutic relationship in order to explore the roots of psychological distress and behavioural complications. Working at this depth provides the optimum chance to heal the experiences that underlie symptoms such as anxiety, inner turmoil and emotional pain. 

Rather than prescribing a specific number of sessions and strategies to ‘treat’ a specific ‘issue’, I work with you to develop a joint understanding of your experience. From here, you are well-equipped and supported to make the changes you want in your life. The therapeutic relationship provides a model of secure and healthy ways of being and relating and we actively use this to help you develop and integrate safe, reciprocal and enriching relationships with yourself and others. Not only does this help you resolve your present issue, but it also provides the confidence to manage future life challenges.

Please make contact with me via the contact form if you would like to arrange a free, 15 minute telephone conversation to briefly discuss your needs. Following this, we can schedule a 60 minute initial session charged at £65

This allows us the time to explore why you have come to WellSpace, what you would like to gain from therapy and to plan how we will proceed

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